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Congrats to Alexis Bass who received a starred review from Kirkus for her debut LOVE AND OTHER THEORIES!

Author: Alexis Bass

A system for avoiding heartbreak falls apart in an unexpectedly insightful tale of friendship and loyalty. Aubrey’s friends spend their weekends making out with boys at parties, drinking Slurpees mixed with vodka, and hurling insults at their ex-friend, Chiffon. Now that Aubrey has gotten into her dream school and eased off her work schedule, she can join them. Just before the start of their junior year, Shelby, the de facto group leader, developed the titular theories. High school boys, according to the theories, are incapable of commitment, so girls should enjoy sex and never expect anything afterward. But when good-looking outsider Nathan Diggs shows up in Aubrey’s drama class, and Nathan and Aubrey quickly become inseparable, Aubrey is tempted to forget that she’s become “evolved.” What looks poised to be a romantic comedy (girl meets boy; theories fail; love triumphs) turns into something far more complex and bittersweet. Each character’s life is carefully imagined, from Chiffon, the target of the girls’ ridicule, to Shelby herself, whose carefree armor slowly begins to crack. The bullying is never forgiven. The lovers, once estranged, are never entirely reunited. The theories are indeed debunked, but what is left in their place is a kind of vulnerability and regret that can’t be summed up in a romantic platitude. Careful, subtle and aching. (Fiction. 14-18)

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DYING TO READ THIS BOOK. Congrats, Alexis!!! :D


So summer. Already pretty well over, huh? Mine was full of revisions and lots of exciting happenings in July and August for MONSTROUS!



GUYS I GOT TO HOLD MY BOOK. IN BOOK FORM. This is hands down the most surreal moment in the process so far.

I *may* have had a little too much fun with them…

Then MONSTROUS popped up on Edelweiss. And now bloggers, librarians, etc can request digital review copies. In other words, people are currently reading my book! *brain explodes*

But the summer was not all fun and games and hiding my ARCs in random places. For the last few months I’ve been hard at work on my next book and in August I finally finished my revisions and sent it in to my editor. Now, I’m eagerly awaiting my edit letter so I can make it even shinier! :)

Coming up this fall – hopefully I’ll be heading to NYC for a day or two to meet with the lovely team of folks at HarperCollins!

The Long, Winding Road to Bookshelves – July & August 2014 So summer. Already pretty well over, huh? Mine was full of revisions and lots of exciting happenings in July and August for 

Essay on why English departments should teach and embrace young adult fiction @insidehighered

"…there is nothing new at all about great numbers of fully grown people reading fiction that was not written for adults. What is fairly new is the value we place on a particular sense of adulthood. There are lots of interesting arguments to have about what makes any novel bad, good, or great. Using age as shorthand for aesthetic quality is not the best way to frame these arguments."’

-Teresa Michals

Next time I hear,  schmournalists say adults shouldn’t read YA, I’ll point them to this excellent essay!

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